A quality act

Thursday, March 25, 2010

LONGMONT, Co. - Sunrise Medical is keeping some lofty company these days. Quality Magazine in January named the company to its 2010 Quality Leadership 100 List. The publication generated the list from more than 800 manufacturer survey submissions. The annual list recognizes companies that put quality programs in place, provide employee quality training and take other steps designed to produce high-quality products.

"We don't try to get this kind of public affirmation for the efforts that we make, but it does give us some bragging rights," said Gary Johnson, Sunrise's vice president of quality. "The end game is a satisfied customer."

Sunrise placed 60th, ahead of companies such as Alcoa Fastening Systems (71) and Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products (88). Companies that placed higher than Sunrise include the Ford Motor Company (55) and Becton Dickinson (4).

"Our target is to continue to be on the list and work our way up," Johnson said. "As my boss said, 'our next target is to beat Ford.'" HME