Quantum Rehab rolls rear wheels

Monday, March 31, 2003

EXETER, Pa. - Quantum Rehab, as it gradually acquires the trappings of an across the board high-end rehab manufacturer, will cruise past another milestone this month when the company begins shipping the Vibe, its first built-for-the-masses rear-wheel drive power chair.

Quantum already makes a rear-wheel drive, the Blast, but that chair targets a select, high-end market. The Vibe’s power base is a simpler proposition, more accommodating and weighs in at an accessible price point.

“The goal was to take a lot of things that people like about midwheel drive chairs and put that on a rear-wheel drive chair,” said Scott Higley, Quantum’s vice president of sales.

That includes maneuverability. The Vibe boasts a 24.5-inch width and a 33-inch length, which allows access to tight spaces that most power chairs cannot get, the company says. The chair’s top speed is 6 mph, and its suspension allows travel over uneven terrain.

While Quantum made a name for itself with midwheel drive chairs, the company says its embrace of the rear-wheel drive market should come as a no surprise.

“You’ll never hear us say rear wheel’s dead, or front wheel’s dead,” said Higley. “If I am talking to providers, therapists and consumers, and they are asking ‘Can you make a chair [that does this],’ we’re going to look at doing it.” HME