RAMP: Develop thoughtful rule

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

WASHINGTON - In developing a new rule for how power wheelchairs are provided and documented, Restore Access to Mobility Partnership has urged CMS to:
- Work with national and state medical groups by providing articles explaining the new coverage policy and physician documentation responsibilities, as well as host seminars at their meetings.
- Create a Web-based education program to explain the new coverage policy, regulations and physician documentation responsibilities.
- Extend the 30-day requirement between the date of the face-to-face exam and the date that the physician provides the supplier with the supporting documentation to 60 days.
RAMP also stated that the documentation expectations outlined in the IFR should not be applied during a pre- or post-payment audit on claims for services provided during the transition period from Oct. 25, 2005, to the effective date of the new regulation.