Real deal retail at Pride

Friday, September 26, 2014

When it comes to retail, Pride Mobility Products is putting its money where its mouth is. Most recently, the company named Rick Michael national sales manager for retail mobility. Michael, who has logged 15 years in the mobility industry, leads a retail mobility team comprised of more than 40 outside sales reps. “We have 82% coverage in the U.S.,” he said. Here’s what Michael had to say about why the market for retail mobility is the real deal.

HME News: Why is Pride dedicating so many resources to retail?

Rick Michael: Quantum Rehab reps covered complex rehab and retail, but with the evolving market, we really needed people who were strictly focused on retail. Each one—complex rehab and retail—is pretty demanding, so we needed to focus on them individually.

HME: How does Pride help coach providers on retail?

Michael: We have a fantastic marketing department to help with kiosks, videos and even TV ads. It’s really a one-stop shop that can help with all aspects of a provider’s retail business. We want to be their partner, because if they’re successful, we’re successful.

HME: What are the weaknesses of providers in retail mobility?

Michael: They need need to be comfortable with the changes they’re making. Change is always difficult. As they evolve and expand into retail, they’re warming up the different facets of it.

HME: Where do you see the retail mobility market in five years?

Michael: Baby boomers are not ones to accept the norm, and we have to cater to that from a product perspective. We have a new scooter coming out that will incorporate some personalization options that will be appealing to them. We want to develop products that fit their lifestyles, rather than products that can get them around.