Recruiters' greatest hits

Sunday, May 31, 2009

An editorial titled “Hits and misses” in the May 2009 issue of HME News may have inadvertently tied a negative connotation to the recruiting industry. It discussed Alliance Seating & Mobility using a headhunting agency to recruit assistive technology professionals (ATPs) to build up its complex rehab division. It states: “Let’s face it: There’s nothing illegal - or even wrong, really - about recruiting.”

The word “really” in this sentence could lead a reader to believe that there is something slightly “wrong” with recruiting. I want to share my thoughts on the potential advantages of using a good executive recruiting firm that has direct industry experience. Did you know that a good recruiting firm often has:

- Direct knowledge of your exact industry.

- Access to only the gainfully employed.

- The only true time to search full-time for you all day long, every day until the position is filled.

- The ability to do the administrative legwork.

- The capability to confidentially search for you before a position is vacated.

- An immediate network you may not have access to.

Many of us in the industry are struggling to find the right talent. If you have exhausted your resources through personal networking, newspaper and/or online ads, it may be the time to think about using a good executive recruiting firm. You may be surprised in what it could do for your business and personal well-being.

– Ian McCracken, president/owner, Professional Recruiting International