Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Proof of delivery in the PIM
with Maureen Hanna

M. Hanna

Q. Could you review the required data elements for Medicare proof of delivery?

A. On Jan. 2, 2004 the DHHS revised its Program Integrity Manual to restate proof of delivery requirements for DMEPOS. In Transmittal 61 it states what requirements are mandatory and those that are optional.

The items that are mandatory include:

- Maintaining delivery documents for seven years and making documentation available to the DMERC upon request.

- Suppliers or anyone else having a financial interest in the delivery shall not sign or accept an item on behalf of a beneficiary.

- For deliveries made by the supplier, the signature date on the delivery slip shall be the date of receipt by the beneficiary.

- For deliveries made by a shipping service, the ship date shall be the date of service on the claim.

- Suppliers shall contact the beneficiary prior to dispensing refills and the call cannot take place sooner than seven days prior to delivery/ship date. Delivery should not be made sooner than five days prior to end of usage.

- Claims for refills shall be the start date of the new usage period and not overlap the previous usage date.

- Deliveries to a beneficiary in the hospital shall be only two days prior to discharge for training or fitting and must be for subsequent use.

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