makes sleep therapy affordable with refurbished devices

Friday, February 1, 2019

LAS VEGAS – Provider Jim Boyle says he has created a business model that gets equipment to patients quicker and alleviates their “sticker shock.”

Boyle, a respiratory therapist, has launched, an online provider of new and refurbished CPAP equipment and supplies for cash-paying customers.

“There’s a lot of frustration in dealing with insurance, and physicians and sleep labs,” said Boyle. “There are also people with high deductibles finding this is an out-of-pocket cost. There’s some sticker shock when they go online and they see prices up to $1,000. They want the therapy, but they can’t afford it.”

Enter, which offers CPAP machines for as low as $99, PayPal payment plans, and warranties on both new and used machines.

Boyle obtains the equipment through closeouts and surplus auctions. A team of RTs and sleep techs clean, repair and recalibrate the equipment.

“We do put them through their paces to be sure they are ready,” he said. “As long as infection control is addressed and all the components are working, and there is a viable warranty offered, most patients have no problems seeking this out as an option.” works with patients to get them set up and works remotely with patients to get them compliant, says Boyle, who has been a clinician for 20 years.

“We work with the patient, we work with their doctors, we have a very good compliance ratio,” he said. “We’re not just a third-party, passing off a sale.” also works with several hospitals across the country to provide equipment to indigent patients who can’t be discharged without it, says Boyle.

“We’ve become the referral of choice for those kind of cases,” he said.

Boyle, who owned a DME company before selling it in 2004, says he is “entertaining” the possibility of getting back into commercial insurance later this year.

“I never thought I’d get back into the market, but there’s a real need for this,” he said.