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Respiratory solutions: Be resourceful

Respiratory solutions: Be resourceful Q. How can I increase CPAP retail sales?

A. There are several ways you can strengthen your business.


It's important to develop a great display plan for your products. Contact manufacturers to request free pamphlets, videos and samples to display prominently throughout the store and at checkout.

Showcase your products by theme. Patient discomfort is a common concern, so consider setting up a sample table with products like CPAP pillows, mask liners and moisturizers.

In a study cited by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, 40% of patients polled said they did not clean their CPAP mask, and more than 80% did not clean tubing. Take this opportunity to educate customers, and display tools for CPAP cleaning, maintenance and disinfection.

Pairing cash items

Think of convenient product pairings and listen to what customers are requesting. If your customer is looking for a portable CPAP machine, recommend bottled distilled water or travel batteries.

Be resourceful with your add-on suggestions. CPAP cleaning devices disinfect equipment, but it's still important to manually remove surface residue, dust and oil buildup. This is printed in instruction manuals, but rarely on packaging. Suggest cleaning wipes as an essential cash pairing for convenient and complete cleaning.

Branching out

Work with respiratory therapists by furnishing samples, informing them of new products, and suggesting add-on options for every step of the CPAP process. When RTs meet with patients to discuss initial setup, they can give them a head start by explaining supplies and providing testers.

Finally, when preparing your product line, focus on a range of price options, instead of relying on a few high-end choices. Offering a selection of lower cost items will help engage price-conscious customers and will likely lead to higher overall sales for your DME. hme

Mike Chorney is the national accounts manager for Sunset Healthcare Solutions. Reach him at


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