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Resupply: Show them proof 

Resupply: Show them proof 

Q. How do I evaluate my CPAP resupply program? 

A. Have you ever wondered if your CPAP resupply program is meeting its full potential? To find out, you need to be willing to answer some tough questions. 

Ask yourself, “How much business am I getting from new CPAP setups?” Say there are 1,000 sleep studies in your area and 85% of those tested qualify for treatment. How many do you get? If it isn’t many, why?  

From there, start looking at what you do for referral sources. What’s your compliance rate? Sleep referrals are looking for an 80% to 90% compliance rate from HMEs. If an HME proves a positive outcome, more new CPAP setups will come through the door. 

Communication with the referral source is key. Meet the referral source’s expectation on the information they want on their patient. They want to know: “Are you helping my patient or not? Show me the proof.” 

How quickly are you setting up the patient after referral? Do your RTs/clinicians follow up regularly? What is your process for refits and what is your refit rate (ideally around 6%)? What education do you offer patients and their partners or caregivers?  

Finally, you can consider resupply orders. Look at how your staff is reaching out to patients and how many are unreachable. Outreach is essential to increasing your resupply rate (supplies ordered per year) and supplies shipped per box.  

If this seems like a lot, it is. Getting the most out of your resupply program means building relationships and trust with referral sources and patients. Referral sources need a partner in improving patient outcomes. And patients need a resource they can turn to when their therapy isn’t working for them.  

Just keep asking yourself what you can do for your patients. What’s best for them is what’s best for referral sources and, ultimately, your business. 

Jeremy Stolz is president of VGM Fulfillment. Reach him at [email protected].


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