ROHO 'highly recommends' NRRTS registrants

Sunday, April 16, 2006

BELLEVILLE, Ill. - Credentialed providers will soon receive top billing on the ROHO Group's Web site, as part of the seat cushion manufacturer's revamped retailer locator.

By June, consumers using the locator will be given search results that distinguish between ROHO-approved providers who employ NRRTS registrants and those who don't, according to Melissa Keim, the manufacturer's vice president of marketing.

"NRRTS registrants are familiar with ROHO, and they recognize the solutions, products and quality that's out there," Keim said. "We want to draw attention to that, and we want to make sure our clients get the best solution."

While the locator maintains consumer choice, ROHO plans to state on its Web site that it "highly recommends" consumers do business with providers who employ NRRTS registrants.

ROHO, a corporate friend of NRRTS, is the first manufacturer to single out the organization's providers on its Web site, said Mike Seidel, NRRTS president.

"We think it's a great idea," he said. "It's a great way for ROHO to step up to the plate."

ROHO predicts the end result of its revamped locator will be "consumers who walk away with a little more assurance that they've got a provider that they can really work with and stand behind," Keim said. "That's the best thing we can send them away with."

If another result is more ROHO-approved providers seeking to employ NRRTS registrants, all the better, she said.