Rotech to ex-employees: honor your noncompetes

Saturday, May 31, 2003

ORLANDO, Fla. — Rotech Healthcare has reportedly begun mailing cease-and-desist notices to recently laid off employees, telling them to honor non-compete agreements and not to start up new home medical equipment companies.

“I’ve got to work, this is what I know,” said a former employee laid off with hundreds of others in January. “We are going to have to fight it out in court.”

As part of CEO Phil Carter’s restructuring plan, Rotech laid off an estimated 500 to 750 employees on Jan. 24, a day some of those let go now refer to as “Black Friday.” Many of those laid off were in regional and local management positions. Not surprisingly, those layoffs have engendered a lot of bad blood in those who lost their jobs.

Rotech officials did not return calls for this story. HME