Thursday, July 22, 2010

Q. How can we become better at sales?

A. The word “sales” often has a negative connotation, particularly in a business that provides medical assistive living products. But sales do play a necessary role if you want to increase the overall value of your business and provide greater service to your clients. So how much “sales” is appropriate while not giving your clients that telemarketing buying experience we all hate?

In a recent keynote, I asked the room, “How many people like to buy stuff?” Not surprisingly, 100% in attendance raised their hands. Then I asked the same room, “How many of you like to be sold?” All but maybe three hands dropped. This reaction is the same regardless of industry or region.

Your job is not to “sell” anyone. your job is to help your customers buy

One of the quickest ways to help business owners grow their overall businesses profitably is by creating a market driven approach with a sales methodology that helps buyers buy.

Sales done correctly increase your level of customer service, customer loyalty and ultimately build your fan base through word of mouth.

Sales done incorrectly can quickly cost you the current revenue and also your word of mouth reputation. Our customers, more than in other industries, are members of communities of potential customers. Our customers are active on the Internet. It’s great when they share how amazing you are. The bad news is when they have bad buying experiences, it seems to spread faster.

Implement a sales methodology that focuses on truly understanding your buyer and their unresolved problems.

Mark Allen Roberts is the founder of Out of the Box Solutions training and consulting,, and president of Mobility Conquest.