Saunders wins $515 HCPCS

Thursday, September 30, 2004

CHASKA, Minn. - Seven years after the Saunders Group asked Medicare for a HCPCS code to cover its home cervical traction device, the DMERCs issued a local coverage determination policy effective July 1.

The DMERCs plan to allow reimbursement of about $515 for Saunders Cervical Hometrac Deluxe, a traction device that provides up to 50 pounds of force. The device provides aggressive treatment for such ailments as whiplash, degenerative discs, muscle soreness and headaches.

The market for home cervical traction is about $20 million, according to Tim Hanson, the Saunders Group’s national sales manager.

Saunders previously obtained a HCPCS for the device, but the DMERCs downcoded the device six months later for lack of research, said Saunders.

“Now, there’s actually a lot of research on cervical traction,” said Hanson. ‘We got that to the right people and showed that this was a proven method.”