Monday, September 30, 2002

Pride Mobility

Go-Go Travel Vehicle Scooter
The Go-Go travel vehicle is designed to combine portability, style, and performance affordably. The product will fit into most car trunks and is said to disassemble easily and be ideal for traveling, as the heaviest piece weighs less than 30 pounds. Its top speed is 4 mph, with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Booth No. 4417

International Portable Aquatic LIft (PAL)
The PAL is a portable, battery-operated lift that enables users to quickly and easily access any pool or spa. The lift can be stored away from the poolside when not in use and quickly retrieved when needed.

Booth No. 431
Soleus Health-Care

Freedom 1 Personal mobility unit
The Freedom 1 is lightweight and designed to be maneuverable enough to mobilize around aisles and inside of most elevators. The unit comes with a hide-away, maintenance-free gel-cell battery that runs long enough for most people to enjoy stop/go shopping with their family.

Booth No. 4263