Sigvaris video promotes leg health

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Compression hosiery’s clinical efficacy in fostering healthy legs is an under-heard message that Sigvaris is trying to change with a recent video broadcast on PBS television and major news networks.

“What many people don’t realize is that symptoms such as leg swelling, achy legs and varicose veins often indicate the early stages of chronic venous insufficiency, a condition that if left untreated may worsen over time,” says Judith Brannan, education and medical affairs manager for Sigvaris North America in Peachtree City, Ga. “We hope this video will raise awareness, so people can treat their symptoms early or help prevent them in the first place.”

The video presentation, created with the help of cardiologist Ariel Soffer, M.D., explores different chronic venous disorders and how graduated compression can help. Soffer, who leads the Vein Experts Training Academy in South Florida, is one of the first cardiovascular specialists to become proficient in new laser treatments of varicose veins.

The PBS segment runs approximately five minutes while an edited 60-second version is airing on news networks CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. The free educational content is also available for use by HME providers as well as physician offices, health centers and pharmacies.

“For us, being on television has given us the ability to reach a broad range of people, but creating the video also has been able to connect more patients with information about compression and the Sigvaris brand as it gets played around the country,” says Melissa Gwozdz, communications manager.

Between national television exposure and as an educational tool for providers, the Sigvaris video should serve a valuable purpose in increasing the public’s understanding about the importance of leg health, Brannan says.

“Many people think that leg pain is normal. We want people to know that it’s not and what they can do to improve their circulation, help prevent varicose and spider veins, and feel better.”