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Sleep therapy

Sleep therapy


Sleep 'sluggish': A slowdown in growth may be a sign of sleep therapy's maturity, but single-digit increases also suggest that the market remains strong compared to other segments. Greater awareness of sleep apnea by professionals and the public is continuing to drive the market, which by at least one estimate is only 10% to 15% penetrated.


Equal opportunity: No longer just the affliction of “old guys with a gut,” sleep apnea is now being diagnosed in women at a rate twice as fast as men. The market also extends to all age groups and racial backgrounds.


Sales keys: Missing out on product re-supply is like leaving dollars on the table. CPAP patients are entitled to switch out masks, tubes, cushions and even base units periodically. Providers should continually follow up with patients to ensure they are getting the supplies they need while also maintaining compliance. Complimentary products like a special CPAP disinfectant and designer “skins” serve as effective retail sales boosters.


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