Soft Goods

Monday, September 30, 2002

Bruder Healthcare Co.

MediBeads Microave-Actviated Moist Heat Wrap

MediBeads Microwave Activated Moist Heat Wraps deliver safe, clean, deeply penetrating, moist heat in just minutes. MediBeads absorb only water and incorporate a natural anti-odor and anti-bacterial agent within them. MediBeads wraps are washable and will not disintegrate. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Booth No. 464
FLA Orthopedics

ProLite Air Stirrup Ankle brace
The ProLite Air Stirrup provides medial and lateral support and stabilizes the ankle joint for faster healing of tender, soft tissues. It's ideal for treatment of mild to moderate sprains and strains, or it can be used after a cast has been removed. The air bladders pulsate while walking to soothe and massage swollen, tender tissue.

Booth No. 539
Kant Wate
Standing Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) Urinal Device
This is how the standing VCUG works. The 34-inch tubing connected to a urinal device is used after the bladder is filled and the catheter is removed. A radiologist watches the process with a TV-like viewing device and takes pictures. Once the bladder has filled, the catheter is removed and the patient urinates into the urinal device. The radiologist watches and takes pictures of the contrast material moving through the body.

Booth No. 5036
LEEDer Group, Inc.
Multi-USE Boot
LEEDer Group's Multi-USE Boot is a patent pending, adjustable ankle contracture boot for positioning, pressure reduction, foot drop and ambulation. With a soft interface, the boot's great for difficult skin break down. It can be customized, and it's easy to put on, take off.

Booth No. 5853
Crooper Medical/ Bio Skin

Bio Skin Back Support System
The Back Skin support system offers a multidimensional approach to treating acute and chronic back pain, by increasing the intra-abdominal compression and unloading the spine.

Booth No. 5161
Suede/Spandex shoe
Stretchable shoe
Orthofeet's new stretchable shoe combies suede leather and breathable Spandex to reduce pressure and provide ventilation. A special shell construction hides the extra depth created by the rocker sole, which reduces dorsiflexion stresses at the forefoot. Also features extra width across the midfoot and forefoot.
Circle No. 271 / Booth No. 5454
NCN Hygienic Products
ExcelCare SuperSize
Adult diaper
The brand-new ExcelCare SuperSize adult diaper, with a waist size of 64 inches to 70 inches, is ideal for large people. The diaper also features AquiDry, which allows liquid to flow quickly but locks the liquid inside the diaper.

Booth No. 358
Nonyx Nail Gel
Nail treatment
Millions of men and women face embarrassment from unsightly nails. Nonyx Nail Gel penetrates the nail plate and breaks down and exfoliates keratin debris, the source of discoloration in the nail. With regular use, the nail plate is cleansed of keratin debris, allowing new growth to emerge clear and healthy-looking.

Booth No. 4355
Pepin Manufacturing

EnviroTrode Cool Blue Electrodes
Electrotherapy Electrodes for T.E.N.S., EMS and interferential therapy

Pepin Manufacturing introduces a new line to their AdvanTrode electrodes. The new line of electrodes features a fresh, clean Cool Blue topical material that not only looks exciting but also performs well. The material can withstand repeated use with hot/cold therapy, or can be used on its own with a T.E.N.S. device or interferential therapy.

Booth No. 761
Scott Specialties
Lace-Up Wrist Support
Wrist support
Scott's lace-up wrist support has long-wearing, soft flannel lining for comfort. Its laces offer custom adjustment, and only one hand is needed for application. A removable, pliable stay keeps hand in neutral position. It's latex free and comes in sizes small, medium, large and

Booth No. 1142
United Pacific

Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint

The Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint is designed to support the thumb and restrict movement of the MCP and CMC joints for enhanced healing. The product comes in left and right styles and is moldable to the shape of the patient's thumb. It provides support and a comfortable fit.

Booth No. 3830