Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Chattanooga Group
Chattanooga Group’s new TheraTherm is a digital electric moist heating pad designed for the convenience of home use. The digital moist heating pad provides temporary relief from pain associated with muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension. TheraTherm Digital Moist Heating Pad is easier to use than the other electric heating pads on the market due to its unique digital hand control. Many other brands require continuous contact with a spring-loaded switch to generate and maintain heat from the pad.

Fla Orthopedics
FLA Orthopedics PowerCentric composite and polycentric hinged knee brace offers intermediary support for mild to moderate ligament strains/sprain, meniscal injuries, medial/lateral co-ligament instabilities and knee instability.

Genairex introduces the Securi-T Extended Wear Convex Skin Barrier, which is used with the existing line of Securi-T two-piece pouches. These two-piece wafers are high in quality and inexpensive. Providers can afford to take assignment on the complete Securi-T product line and still make over 50% profit, the company claims.

Outgoing Care
Ongoing Care Solutions’ Wel-Karep2 Night Splint addresses chronic pain from plantar fasciitis, the result of contracture and tightening of the plantar fascia while sleeping. The Wel-Karep2 Night Splint holds the foot in 5 degree dorsiflexion throughout the night. It provides passive stretching to help relieve pain.