Ten Under 40: The best and brightest

Friday, September 30, 2005

While homecare is a vital sector of America's healthcare system, it faces a unique range of challenges and pressures - whether competitive bidding (a.k.a restrictive contracting), continuing reimbursement cuts or other regulatory obstacles.
But as these profiles of homecare leaders under the age of 40 illustrate, there is a whole generation of talented, passionate providers who are more than equal to the challenges.
And it's a good thing, because the importance and the value of homecare will only grow over time as our population ages and as policy leaders appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the homecare option.
The common threads in these profiles are inspiring. These young leaders have energy, optimism and smarts.
They appreciate the small details of providing care and operating an efficient and successful organization, but they also see the big picture: Homecare is the future of health care.
Some sectors of health care seem to resist entering the 21st Century. But not these young leaders.
They have been consistently using advances in technology and creating new pathways for homecare to succeed today and in the years ahead.
It is heartwarming to know that some leaders are second and third generations deeply connected to the patients and communities they serve, and obviously committed to preserving quality of life for homecare recipients.
To succeed in this sector requires many kinds of smarts - business, healthcare, and regulatory, to name a few.
All of these inspiring homecare providers have the right stuff - to help to keep the homecare sector pushing forward through new frontiers.