Testing supports strong sales growth for sleep apnea products

Monday, December 31, 2001

More patients are being tested and diagnosed with sleep apnea than ever before, according to industry interviews conducted by Feedback Research Services in mid-2001. In October, one sleep center reported a 10% increase in services, compared with the previous six months. Although the total number of sleep centers and laboratories operating within the United States has not been documented, one industry source suggested that approximately one million patients are tested annually. Accredited facilities identified by professional organizations in recent years demonstrated a substantial increase from 1999 to 2001, and a more important role for at-home testing is expected in the near future. Heightened awareness of cardiac problems associated with sleep-disordered breathing has led to more focused efforts to diagnose patients in other countries, as well. Worldwide, the market for sleep apnea products may reach $505 million by year-end 2001. Not surprisingly, historical sales volumes suggest that CPAP and bi-level CPAP equipment account for the majority of revenues.
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