'There have been some wild rumors'

Thursday, April 30, 2009

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas--Alliance Seating & Mobility’s goal to conquer the complex rehab market is no secret. The provider has been busy since 2007, adding locations and hiring ATPs. But this year, Alliance has come under fire for reportedly using a headhunting agency to recruit ATPs.

Of Alliance’s recruiting efforts, Freddie Cervera, vice president and general manager, would only say: “ASM continues to grow and is constantly looking for qualified ATPs in a number of markets.”

Here’s what else Cervera had to say about:

Alliance’s $100,000 offers

“There have been some wild rumors about the salaries that are being offered. ASM is competitive with that of the industry.”

motivating factor

“ASM is committed to serving a broader range of clients and truly offering a continuum of care. The Scooter Store realized that it wasn’t doing a good job serving their customers with severe or progressive conditions.”

Expanding its reach

“ASM has 31 ATPs on staff. We’re currently in 28 markets with a coast-to-coast presence.”