Tired of losing your cylinders?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

ST. LOUIS--If you’d like to incorporate your oxygen cylinders and cylinder carrying cases into your company’s advertising program--and do it for just a few bucks--Responsive Respiratory wants to talk.

The company unveiled in April a private logo program. It will now silk screen your company’s name onto cylinder carrying cases and secure your logo under a cylinder’s clear coat, making it impossible to remove and the cylinder easier to clean.

“Every one of those patients is seeing a doctor all the time,” said Tom Bannon, president of the respiratory products manufacturer. “The doctor sees the company name on the bag and says, ‘Hey, what do you think of ABC Homecare?’ If the answer comes back positive, it’s more business.”

As part of the private logo program, Responsive Respiratory will also laser etch a company’s name onto regulators and conservers.

The silk screening and laser etching costs $4 per unit; cylinder labels cost $2.75 each.

In addition to marketing, the private labels make it more likely that equipment will be returned to the provider after being filled or used in a nursing home. The same goes for equipment that is no longer needed after title transfers to the patient following Medicare’s 36-month cap on reimbursement, Bannon said.