Trowbridge readies RDI for change

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

FOLEY, Ala. - Respiratory Distributors will abandon its Core line of programs, introduced about four years ago, in favor of some new product lines currently in development, said an RDI official.

When first introduced, the Core programs were expected to expand RDI’s offerings into a more diverse mix of pharmaceuticals, respiratory aids, sleep aids and medical equipment. They included PharmCORE, RespiCORE, SleepCORE, CustomCORE, FinanceCORE, GlyCORE and VisionCORE.

Several of the Core programs did not take off, however, due in part to a lack of backing by RDI and a company-wide re-emphasis on respiratory medications, said Rob Roberts, RDI’s communications manager.

“The Core programs were a marketing effort for us to brand out product lines, but we are going in a different direction from that right now,” said Roberts. “The new products will probably be along the same lines.”

RDI plans to unveil its new programs and product offerings in the coming months, but details were not available at press time.

RDI’s new president and CEO, Keith Trowbridge initiated some of the expected changes, Roberts said.

Trowbridge, who is the former president of direct-to-consumer giant Liberty Medical Supply and the mastermind behind the Liberty Home Pharmacy venture, took over RDI’s top job in June.