UsersFirst: Help save the wheelchair

Friday, June 21, 2013

WASHINGTON – Efforts to create a separate benefit for complex rehab have made significant headway, including bills in the House of Representatives and Senate, but there’s still a lot to be done.

To move that work forward, UsersFirst this spring launched a new mobile registration form to help providers recruit wheelchair users to support the cause—something Ann Eubank says is key.

“An educated, motivated, united and mobilized consumer base can overcome large campaign contributors,” said Eubank, vice president of community initiatives for UsersFirst, a program of the United Spinal Association. 

Providers can use a mobile device or computer to access the form, which is part of UsersFirst’s “Save the Wheelchair” campaign, at Providers can also post a link to the form on their websites.

UsersFirst will reward the “top recruiters” later this year with $100 gift cards and achievement certificates.

Once registered with UsersFirst, users will get email updates on advocacy efforts and information about how they can reach out to Capitol Hill.

Eubank suggests that providers offer wheelchair users the chance to sign up when having discussions on their insurance coverage limits. 

“Ask them if they would like to register with the largest consumer-run, nonprofit with a focused strategy to increase consumer access to such products,” Eubank said.