In Van's vision

"My role is to try and be an ambassador the way Van was"
Monday, March 27, 2017

VGM Group has promoted Dennis Clark, president of its Orthotic Prosthetic Group of America division, to serve as its first-ever chief leadership officer. HME News recently sat down with Clark to discuss his new role in the organization.

HME NEWS: Why did VGM want to add the position of chief leadership officer to its management team?

Dennis Clark: For the entire time VGM has been in existence—and Van G. Miller was CEO from day one—there was never a question of what VGM stood for. There was no better ambassador. My role is to try to be an ambassador the way Van was—to all our divisions and the people we serve.

HME: Why are you the right man for the job?

Clark: I’ve owned a few businesses and had some success, and I’ve had a similar role to what Van had with VGM. There’s also the longstanding relationship I had working with Van, and the fact that we saw eye to eye in our willingness and ability to communicate with all types of people.

HME: What do you hope to accomplish as chief leadership officer?

Clark: Among other things, I want to help create developmental programs for any associate who wants to be involved in one. I also want to help our members thrive and grow, and understand ongoing regulatory changes so they can move forward with their practices.

HME: What’s your philosophy toward connecting people and ideas and building teams?

Clark: I’m a firm believer that you get what you give. I’ve been involved with orthotics and prosthetics care since 1968, and I’ve seen that by doing what you say you’re going to do when you’re asked to do it, you’ll get a great deal in return.

HME: Why should every company have a chief leadership officer?

Clark: Leadership and mentoring are basic concepts that we start with at a very young age. For example, we learn to walk with someone mentoring us through that process. Everyone needs to grow in knowledge and understanding and skills. The chief leadership officer positions everyone for growth and opportunity.