VGM: We're not dividing industry

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I would like to respond to your story on VGM’s communications about the Scooter Store, its “partners” and the effect their programs have on the rest of the HME business (“VGM takes on Scooter Store,” May 2009). 

First of all, we did go to a number of Scooter Store locations and the only visible mobility equipment was manufactured by Pride. They may handle other brands, but Pride sure appears to be their primary supplier. We presume that Scooter Store CEO Doug Harrison should know this. The issue wasn’t whether or not they might sell something else now and then. The issue is that Pride is complicit in a marketing schema that is hurting all independent providers. 

Secondly, contrary to what Kirsten Delay from Pride says, we are not dividing the industry in any way. In fact, as near as we can tell, everyone agrees that the Scooter Store and its marketing system is a big part of the mess the HME industry currently finds itself in. So far the only ones we can find who don’t agree are the Scooter Store and Pride - but if that is industry “division,” I guess we are guilty of it.