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There's no app for that

April 19, 2013Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

You may recall my brief and failed attempt at using a diabetes app to record stats. Well, I was reminded of that when I saw this study about how technology doesn't translate to lasting behavioral changes for people with diabetes. The study only focused on those with Type 2 diabetes but I bet you'd find similar results in the Type 1 population. On the plus side, technology gave study participants better understanding of the disease but on the minus side, and this is kind of major, technology...

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Time for a nap. I mean, app.

January 15, 2013Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

It always catches me by surprise when I am reading an article in a mainstream magazine (in other words, pretty much anything but my de riguer copy of HME News) and I happen upon a story featuring someone I've interviewed for HME News. The most recent case in point, an article in a women's health magazine about sleep in which Nancy Collop, formerly of the American Academy of Sleep Professionals, was quoted. Naturally, the article was about sleep: its importance to your overall health and well-being,...

American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Diabetes Forecast, sleep

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