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24-Hour Care: Look to today, tomorrow, the future

24-Hour Care: Look to today, tomorrow, the future Q. What is the future of 24-hour care?

A. We have learned the importance of completing a comprehensive assessment of needs and choosing the right mix of products. It was not long ago that we discovered the power of connectivity and the ability to access information on demand on our phones. In our world of complex rehabilitation, we have similar exciting new solutions, especially when it comes to providing 24-hour care tomorrow and in the future.

Power wheelchairs have the capability to be individualized and the electronics learn these subtle differences to produce a revolutionary drive experience that is consistent for the lifetime of the chair. Smart power chairs allow systems to be intuitively configured, providing for more focus on the 24-hour needs of the patient by dialing in their positioning, connectivity and drive functions, all the while gathering data on the systems performance and use for enhanced support and better clinical outcomes.

The data gathered from these connected systems will provide a platform for providers to monitor and troubleshoot the status of the power wheelchairs in their fleet. Viewing clinical and service information in real time with diagnostic information and the ability to record statistics over a defined period will take 24-hour care to the next level for both providers and consumers.

The Future
Imagine that all the products your consumers require are connected and delivering wireless, real time data on how they are being used. Oxygen delivery systems, beds, support surfaces, lifts and power wheelchairs sync'd and communicating with each other to give the individual greater control over their day, environment, and life and you a crisper picture of outcomes and use. The inherent relationships between equipment and their connections in the future ultimately will help support a more effective 24-hour care model.

Additional editorial credit to Lee Ann Hoffman, Seating & Positioning Specialist at Invacare Corporation


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