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How Advanced Diabetes Supply is Driving Value-Based Health Outcomes

How Advanced Diabetes Supply is Driving Value-Based Health Outcomes

How Advanced Diabetes Supply is Driving Value-Based Health Outcomes

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In today’s healthcare landscape, value-based outcomes are more than a trending topic; they’re a primary goal. And for individuals living with diabetes, value-based outcomes are the key to a healthy life.

Diabetes management requires a comprehensive approach that includes medication and lifestyle adjustments as well as access to reliable medical supplies. As the industry’s leading diabetes management supplier, Advanced Diabetes Supply benefits patients by ensuring the reliable delivery of supplies while also providing access to experts, educational resources and highly accredited processes that have proven to drive positive patient outcomes.

Effectively managing diabetes plays a crucial role in preventing complications. The diabetes experts at ADS understand this critical need and strive to deliver services and solutions that support value-based care and help members maintain a healthy lifestyle. By making sure clients have a ready supply of diabetes management supplies and providing access to diabetes education, ADS helps foster more consistent adherence to treatment regimens. In fact, the company’s records show that patients who receive a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) from ADS have a 20% higher adherence rate to a diabetes management plan than those who receive supplies directly from a pharmacy. According to, proper use of a CGM as part of a diabetes management plan has many value-based benefits such as:

  • 23% less hospitalizations
  • Increased quality of life: Quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) increased by 0.454 years
  • Lower A1c: People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who use a CGM can lower their A1C by an average of 0.5 to 1.0%
  • Reduced Complications: A 4.9% average lower risk of eye, kidney, nerve and cardiovascular complications in CGM patients versus non-CGM patients
  • Lower costs: Patients save an average of $1,355 per year by avoiding complications

As a national company focused on the needs of people with diabetes, The ADS Group’s national footprint enables unparalleled efficiency, payer coverage and flexibility, ensuring that patients across the country have access to the critical supplies they need. Through strategic partnerships and purchasing agreements, ADS is positioned to negotiate favorable pricing and expand access to essential diabetes supplies and the latest product innovations that continue to revolutionize diabetes care by streamlining management, improving accuracy and enhancing quality of life. The ADS Group is:

  • The #1 distributor for FreeStyle Libre systems nationwide.
  • The #1 specialty distributor for Omnipod Dash.
  • The #1 fastest growing Tandem distributor nationwide.
  • The #1 rated distributor in Dexcom customer satisfaction surveys.

Education and support are also integral components of value-based diabetes care. ADS provides resources and guidance to empower patients. From a full library of online videos, articles and product guides to personalized support from Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, part of ADS’ focus on value-based care involves equipping their members with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their diabetes journey effectively.

Collaboration is another cornerstone of value-based diabetes care. ADS leaders proudly participate in organizations such as the Diabetes Technology Access Coalition and AA Homecare to contribute to industry discussions and advocate for policy reforms that prioritize patient needs and drive better outcomes for individuals with diabetes.

ADS is focused on driving value-based health outcomes for individuals with diabetes. Through reliable DME distribution, a commitment to quality, service excellence and expertise, ADS is empowering patients to effectively manage their diabetes, minimize complications, and ultimately lead healthier lives.

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