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Accessibility Define your target market

Q. How can I sell “accessibility”?

A. Traditionally, marketing is product-driven and is “push” communication. Being an accessibility provider and offering solutions for your customers to live independently brings an opportunity for you to approach your marketing efforts differently. Accessibility engages you with your customers on an intimate level. Your expertise and knowledge is your opportunity to greatly increase your customer satisfaction and referrals. It's not about having “accessibility” products to sell and figuring out how to sell them. It's about identifying who your ideal customer is and attracting them to you because of your accessibility solution.

First, think market. Refine your target market. Who you communicate your accessibility solution to is as important as the message itself. Does your ideal customer own his own home? Is he looking for “aging-in-place” accessibility, or is he rehabilitating from a recent surgery and his environment has quickly become inaccessible?

Next, think message. “Accessibility” is an industry buzzword, and without a meaningful and unique positioning statement, it will not bring you leads on its own. Don't forget that it's not about your business or your products; it's always about the solution your customer is looking for. Help to educate your community and share your expertise so that your audience trusts you as an adviser as well as a business owner.

Lastly, think media. Boomers are loyal to traditional and new media. A marketing mix is important—you want to be visible and relevant to your target market online, in mailings and where they will be most likely listening for your message.

Megan Schmit is a marketing associate with EZ-Access. She can be reached at [email protected] or 253.249.1108 ext. 2430.


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