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A new staffing model that delivers ready-to-work pros, boosting efficiency and lowering costs.

A new staffing model that delivers ready-to-work pros, boosting efficiency and lowering costs. Tactical Back Office offers industry-ready talent, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing overhead.

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Tactical Back Office has introduced a groundbreaking virtual assistant and staffing model that is reshaping the home medical equipment (HME) and healthcare industry's approach to overcoming today's hiring challenges. This innovative strategy addresses the inefficiencies and risks associated with traditional recruitment processes, offering a more efficient, effective, and lower cost solution for organizations seeking to fill critical positions with right-fit employees.

The company's experience in the industry has highlighted the difficulties of screening, training, and onboarding, particularly in a post-pandemic landscape characterized by new challenges such as ghosting and quiet quitting. Leveraging these insights, TBO has crafted a staffing model that refines and streamlines the hiring process, ensuring organizations can secure experienced and qualified staff without the common hurdles of conventional recruitment.

At the core of this staffing approach is the provision of a pool of pre-vetted candidates, highly educated, ready for interviews, with a guaranteed start date. This service significantly diminishes the time and resources typically consumed by the hiring cycle, removing the uncertainties of candidate noshows and underperformance. By shifting the hiring risk from the provider to TBO, the model ensures a risk-free hiring experience for HME providers, allowing them to focus on their core operations without the burden of recruitment.

TBO’s ability to staff a wide range of positions within the HME sector—from intake resupply and billing to specialized roles such as sleep coaches— demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the operational needs within a very nuanced industry. This extensive staffing capability ensures that organizations can benefit from qualified, well-prepared staff across all aspects of their operations.

A pivotal element of the TBO model is its emphasis on pre-training candidates. TBO has established a formal training program that prepares individuals for their roles from day one, enhancing their competence and confidence. This focus on training not only streamlines the onboarding process for clients but also allows for a smoother integration of new hires into specific operational and local requirements. By managing foundational and intermediate training, TBO enables clients to concentrate on fine-tuning their new employees to their precise needs.

This staffing process as designed offers flexibility and efficiency, allowing clients to choose between conducting interviews themselves or having TBO directly place candidates. This adaptability, coupled with the firm's commitment to thorough preparation of candidates for their roles, has engendered a significant level of trust among clients.

They value the removal of hiring risks and the assurance of receiving quality candidates who are ready to contribute immediately to their operations.

The positive reception from the HME industry to TBO’s staffing model signals a shift towards more effective staffing solutions that promise to enhance operational efficiency and profitability. As the industry evolves, TBO's innovative staffing approach is poised to play a crucial role in driving the success and resilience of the HME landscape.


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