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AdaptHealth leans in to e-prescribe, patient app

AdaptHealth leans in to e-prescribe, patient app

Steve GriggsPLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. – Technology and innovative care models are at the center of AdaptHealth’s focus in 2023, as the company seeks to build “Adapt 2.0,” say company execs. 

“Adapt has been a leader in e-prescribe and the significant administrative savings and efficiencies it provides in our business,” said Josh Parnes, president. “E-prescribe and digital orders continue to increase as a percentage of our business and will continue to be a focus, which will enable increased order transparency and collectability of revenue.” 

In 2022, AdaptHealth, which in January was named to the Power 500 Technology Companies list, launched my App to communicate with patients as well as provide the ability to place and track orders. 

Going forward, the company anticipates the app will enable patient billing access and facilitate chronic disease management programs, said Parnes. 

“We are seeing strong adoption by our patients with over 30,000 downloads from the Apple, Android app stores, up from 3,000 in Q3, and more than 17,000 of our diabetes patients registered to access the system and 3,500 patients ordered products digitally,” he said. 

‘Lower growth’ 

Growth in the diabetes category was lower than expected in the second half of 2022, with non-acquired growth landing in the low teens, rather than around 18% as originally anticipated. The company is seeing a shift in its payer mix for diabetes toward government payers, says Stephen Griggs, CEO.  

“In the businesses that we're working on, particularly at our cross-sell that we're doing to GPs, they're more government-based patients,” he said. “And so, I think just the emphasis on the sales side was just more toward that type of doctor and resulted in that type of patient. We expect that to continue throughout 2023. So, we'll see more government payers in our diabetes mix than we've had in the past.” 

Sleep continues to be a strong performer, up sequentially by $5 million, but that, too, was short of expectations, say execs, though demand remains high. 

“Frankly, we expected more, but the numbers landed where they did,” said Jason Clemens, CFO. “We're very pleased with the demand that we have within the sleep business. We are very confident that we will deliver the previous expectation for sleep revenue within 2023.” 

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