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Aeroflow turns to TV

Aeroflow turns to TV

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - No stranger to television advertising, Aeroflow first hit the small screen about five years ago with its power mobility products. Now the provider is back for seconds.

In October, Aeroflow began a power wheelchair TV advertising campaign targeting the Western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina markets and will do so through March 2015.

It's too early to quantify the public's response to the commercials, but indications are positive.

“We've seen quite a spike in our incoming phone calls as well as traffic to our website, which is what we're looking for,” said Marketing Coordinator Molly Hollifield.

Once they get the numbers back, Bullock said they will use the information to decide if television is the right medium to reach end users or if they should go in another direction.

“We feel that there's a hole that was created by some other dealers out there that left the market,” said Ryan Bullock, director of sales and marketing.

According to Bullock, Aeroflow's phones have been ringing off the hook with repair requests in the wake of companies, like the Scooter Store, that have closed their doors.

“It's unfortunate for a lot of those patients that had come to depend on them,” said Bullock, who isn't concerned about being compared to the now defunct power mobility provider.

“Definitely in regard to the Scooter Store, I think one of the things that Aeroflow really prides itself on is really following Medicare and Medicaid compliance,” said Hollifield.

As for Aeroflow's commercial, the company is pleased with the final product.

“We're really about getting the word out to our patients—patients who need mobility assistance. We're an expert in the field and we want to help,” she added.


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