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Allcare prioritizes volunteering

Allcare prioritizes volunteering

MILLBURY, Mass. - Employees at Allcare Medical Supply recently dished up a meal for the residents of a local homeless shelter, an experience owner Bill Fredericks says many of them found eye-opening.

Fredericks is a big believer in volunteering—he himself has volunteered for years and is president of the board for a volunteer group.

“They were a little leery about what they were getting into,” he said. “Once we got there that changed. They see homeless people on the street corners or panhandling. But they are just like us.”

It's an annual tradition at Allcare, which Fredericks founded in 2000, to give back around the holidays. Last year, employees collected items for needy children overseas.

Allcare also offers employees 40 hours of paid time off to volunteer, in addition to regular paid time off and other benefits.

“It gives them the freedom and the opportunity (to volunteer), without having to worry about whether then can pay rent,” Fredericks said. “It shows them that I am investing in them as people.”

The decision-making and collaboration that Allcare encourages in volunteering also flows into the business, Fredericks says.

“They are all talented people, so I let them figure out different ways to do things and create processes,” he said. “Let's see if we can get work done and be a thriving company, but let's see if we can help improve lives along the way.”



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