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AMC Health launches RPM program with BCBS 

AMC Health launches RPM program with BCBS 

NEW YORK – AMC Health will provide certain Medicare Advantage enrollees who have congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with Bluetooth monitoring devices to transmit real-time biometric data to its clinicians as part of a new partnership with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island. 

Launching this program helps to better ensure that pre-acute exacerbations of illnesses can be detected and addressed at the earliest opportunity in the comfort of their homes, AMC Health says. 

"AMC Health is working together with the BCBSRI team to provide an industry leading RPM and clinical solution to assist moderate to high-risk enrollees with CHF and COPD to better manage their condition in the home care setting,” said Donna Geringer, executive vice president, AMC Health. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with BCBSRI to leverage our proven results through our multiple peer-reviewed published studies and experience in driving clinical outcomes and improving the overall health of their population." 

AMC Health will combine biometric data with data on symptoms, behavior, environment and care access through automated, interactive surveying via mobile app or telephonic interactive voice response. These surveys also serve to provide focused health education back to the participants in the same exchange. 


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