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Amid turnover, NSM is having ‘best year since 2019’

Amid turnover, NSM is having ‘best year since 2019’

Chuck BodnerNASHVILLE, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility replaced long-time CEO Bill Mixon with Tony Ueber in April only to replace him with CFO Chuck Bodner about three months later. Here’s what Bodner, who is serving as interim CEO, had to say about navigating the company through this turnover in leadership. 

HME News: How long had you served as CFO before being appointed to interim CEO? 

Chuck Bodner: I have served as CFO since April 2022 and prior to joining NSM I have spent more than 20 years in various leadership roles in the health care industry focused on growth and strategy. 

HME: Will you return to your role as CFO when a new CEO is found? 

Bodner: The NSM board of directors is actively searching for the best CEO candidate. Until then, I am proud to serve as the interim CEO and will be happy to serve in any capacity that is most advantageous to NSM’s success. 

HME: Why do you feel you were a good pick for interim CEO? 

Bodner: Over the course of my career, I have been given the opportunity to hold a variety of leadership positions. These experiences have provided me with skills and capabilities to lead the organization with the help of our highly capable leadership team. NSM is special because our mission is bigger than any one person. Our focus is squarely focused on helping our clients gain mobility and live life to the fullest. 

HME: How have you kept the team together and morale up amid all the changes at the company? 

Bodner: We have been focused on listening and engaging with our employees as it relates to serving our clients and advancing the business. We have created a more consistent flow of insightful and transparent communications. This approach has helped ensure our employees are informed and confident about the company’s progress and our future. 

HME: What are you looking to accomplish during your time as interim CEO? 

Bodner: I am focused on supporting our employees to make sure they are equipped to best serve our clients as effectively and efficiently as possible. It is because of our hard-working employees and their commitment to our clients that we are having our best year since 2019. 

HME: Why do you believe NSM is well positioned as a leader in the CRT industry? 

Bodner: We continue to prioritize innovative ways to better serve our clients, but we’re also investing in shaping the future of the CRT industry. As a member of NCART and AAHomecare, we have been focused on service and repair reform, payer process and appropriate reimbursement solutions, as well as the recent seat elevation coverage by CMS. We work hard to earn the respect of our clients in each interaction and are proud that our commitment to serve helps position us as a leader in the CRT industry.


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