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ASP: Budesonide back down

ASP: Budesonide back down

BALTIMORE - Pricing for budesonide took a plunge in the latest average sales price (ASP) figures for respiratory medications released in March.

Budesonide (J7626) decreased 49 cents to $4.76 per dose for second quarter 2013. In the previous quarter, the drug saw an increase of 38 cents, to $5.26 per dose. Although a third generic version of budesonide has recently hit the market, it has had very limited distribution in the DME space and shouldn't have had much of an impact on pricing, says Wayne Vega, senior vice president of the Inhalation Drug Group.

“The manufacturer has limitations on capacity, so obviously they are going to sell in the higher-priced retail market,” he said.

Other pricing stayed flat: albuterol (J7613) and ipratropium (J7644) were both up less than a cent to 13 cents and 12 cents, respectively, per dose.

The two brand-name long-acting beta agonist (LABA) drugs continue to get favorable pricing. Brovana (J7605) increased 4 cents to $5.37 cents per dose; Perforomist (J7606) increased nearly 27 cents to $5.29 cents per dose.

Vega says there are new drugs in the pipeline for 2013-2014. The drugs, from the manufacturers of Brovana and Perforomist, would combine LABA drugs with a corticosteroid. That's good news for patients and providers, he says.

“Those will be good branded products that should have no problem getting HCPCS codes or medical necessity,” said Vega. “We anticipate a high price.”


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