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Avid Rehab Changing How Power Chairs are Designed

Avid Rehab Changing How Power Chairs are Designed

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Axcel Split FootplateAvid Rehab, a division of Merits Health Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a totally new CRT power wheelchair, the elegantly simple designed AXCEL.

Through years of consultations, personal contacts and numerous studies, Merits Health Products has continuously worked to produce products to satisfy customers’ needs efficiently with quality and professionalism.

Avid’s team of engineers spent two years developing a product that highlights their combined knowledge in technology, improvement, repair, and user experience of power wheelchairs. Joshua Haynes, Director of Research and Development at Merits Health Products, had previously spent time working as a Seating Technician on many complex rehab products. During this time, he found out firsthand how frustrating simple repairs such as changing a battery can be for the technician. He also received feedback from end users on what could help make their lives easier.

The Avid AXCEL is a perfect example of designing and manufacturing a power wheelchair with user and provider feedback. Using their input, Avid designed a chair that is service-friendly and offers infinite adjustments for the end user with just a hand full of tools.

They started with an easily accessible electronics compartment that requires minimal hardware (6 screws) to remove the cover and plenty of room to maneuver around the electronic components. The rear tool-less battery door provides quick and easy access that does not require transferring the patient to change the batteries.

Avid also debuted the Frequency Seating on the new AXCEL FWD chair. Frequency has easily adjustable seat sizes from 14 to 22-inches (width and depth) to grow with the user making it economically favorable. It also features a shear reduction of up to 6-inches with an 85° to 160° recline and a 0-50° tilt. The height and width adjustable cantilever arms are easy to adjust and come standard on the AXCEL.

The PC Proform Head Support with EZ Clamp bracket has been very popular. It’s tech-friendly, fits most power wheelchairs and comes with either a midline or multi-axis hardware option. It has a full range of adjustability using just a 4 mm Allen tool, features a comfortable multi-layer foam headrest pad and a stainless-steel gear system for secure positioning. And the EZ Clamp requires minimal dexterity and no screws to secure the headrest.

To make the ride more comfortable, AXCEL has integrated full dampened suspension with large 9-inch castors to help navigate obstacles and rough terrain. Ground clearance and curb-climbing ability is a good 3-inches and AXCEL can conquer a gradient of 7.5 degrees.

Another bonus users requested were brighter lights. AXCEL has standard integrated front and rear lights that will not shake or some loose with time. The LED lights are surprisingly bright and can light up a whole room.

Avid’s new V3 foot plates simultaneously articulates and extends in one fluid motion versus articulating first and then extending. It is easy to customize the leg length from 10-18-inches and has a single point of adjustment for the rotating calf pads.

Merits Health Products is dedicated to the overall experience of Merits’ mobility products – from the distributor to the technician, to the end-user – by providing a quality product with life-enhancing standard features with easy maintenance solutions.

AXCEL is Avid Rehab’s newest design endeavor and is out to change the way power mobility products are manufactured. Experience AXCEL for yourself.


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