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Better Health program boosts outcomes

Better Health program boosts outcomes

SAN FRANCISCO – Better Health, an online supplier of urological and ostomy supplies, has released a white paper on the positive impacts of its Peer Coaching Program. 

Among the findings in the paper: Humana members reported a 67% decrease in stress levels after just one coaching session. 

“We’ve found that peer support and coaching is a proven, cost-effective strategy to improve outcomes for ostomy care and chronic care management,” said Naama Stauber Breckler, CEO and co-founder. “Coaching is just one part of the holistic solution that we offer and we’re already seeing significant results.” 

The program, launched earlier this year, is initially targeting individuals with an ostomy, who often don’t receive the care and support they need following their surgeries. Ostomy patients have a 29.1% readmission rate, the second-highest 30-day readmission rate for surgical procedures, according to the company. 

Other findings in the paper include: 

  • 64% reported they were able to avoid a visit to their doctor or hospital as a direct result of participating in a coaching session. 
  • Nearly 85% of participants showed ostomy adjustment in as little as two weeks following coaching. 
  • Over 35% reported decreased anxiety. 
  • Nearly 50% reported reduced psychological distress. 

Better Health is working with Medicare Advantage payers looking for solutions to better serve these previously neglected populations. The company also plans to expand its holistic care model and offer a greater variety of telehealth services that will be covered by insurance plans.


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