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Better Health serves as ‘central access’ for medical supplies

Better Health serves as ‘central access’ for medical supplies

Naama Stauber BrecklerSAN FRANCISCO – With diabetes often at the center of a host of chronic and comorbid conditions, Better Health’s expansion into that market, particularly related to continuous glucose monitors, was a natural next step. 

“Our goal is to serve the greatest group of people with multiple chronic conditions and that is what led us to focus more on diabetes,” said Greg Bokar, general manager of expansion. “We do carry the full range of diabetes testing supplies, but because of our focus on multiple chronic conditions, we’re particularly focused on continuous glucose monitors. We see our ability to bring in our peer support and care management resources to be a very good complement to people that are new to using CGMs.” 

Better Health, which launched nearly three years ago, also offers ostomy, tracheostomy, wound care, and incontinence supplies. The company is in-network with 120 payers, most recently Cigna

Better Health’s established model of offering supply delivery and peer support coaching, as well as the data to back up its efficacy, are attractive to payers, says Naama Stauber Breckler, co-founder and CEO. The company boasts a 90% retention rate among its patients. 

“(Outcomes) are always a priority and consideration for our payers,” she said. “Where they are hesitant is, they want to see evidence. We were very early to start doing studies and published our first white paper a year ago. For companies who want to work with payers, they need to show evidence that it works.” 

As it looks to grow, Better Health will continue to focus on being a central access point for people needing medical supplies, says Bokar. 

“Our goal is to continue in the innovative care model for people who depend on medical supplies and enable them to live and thrive at home,” said Breckler. “We see big growth opportunities in continuing to expand our network and partnerships and into other categories. We want to make a lasting impact on their lives and health outcomes, and on costs, of course."


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