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Bricks-and-mortar sleep provider takes sales online

Bricks-and-mortar sleep provider takes sales online Advanced Sleep Medicine Services launches e-commerce store, accepts both cash and insurance

ENCINO, Calif. - Getting insurers to pay for needed CPAP supplies has become such a hassle that many patients are opting to pay cash instead, says provider Kermit Newman.

“It's been increasingly difficult for patients to get resupplies paid through insurance,” said Newman, CEO of Advanced Sleep Medicine Services. “We are seeing more and more saying they would rather pay cash than bother with the insurance.”

That's why Advanced Sleep recently added an e-commerce store to its website,

While many patients opt to pay cash, Advanced Sleep Medicine Services also accepts insurance for covered items, a key difference that sets it apart from other online sellers. Its website clearly states the need for a prescription for insurance and outlines the difference between pricing for cash and insurance transactions.

“We use the cart system and it's very easy to use,” said Elizabeth Bilbo, customer service manager. “If there's anything that needs follow up, they can do it right away with our customer service department via email or phone.”

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services has more than 20 years of experience in the sleep business, and it has provided education and information through its website for 10 years.

“Our blog and our website have been around a long time,” said Newman. “We have a lot of patients who have come to us through our blog who are just looking for general information.”

Newman says that, in addition to name recognition, customers prefer the one-stop, specialized shop that Advanced Sleep Medicine Services offers.

“People who are looking for a CPAP device or resupplies, that's what they need, that's what they are looking for,” he said. “It's not important to them if a site is also selling wheelchairs.”


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