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Brightree launches digital hub

Brightree launches digital hub

ATLANTA - Brightree has added a patient engagement tool to the toolboxes of its HME provider customers.

At Medtrade in October, the company debuted Patient Hub by Brightree, a mobile app that automates and simplifies how providers connect with their patients. It had the app on display at its booth on a jumbo-sized smart phone that Steve Rogers, vice president, product management, dubbed “phonezilla.”

“We wanted to give providers a tool where they could communicate where people communicate most—on their smart phones,” he said.

Patient Hub is now available for Apple and Android phones, and can be customized with a provider's logo and location.

The app allows providers to automate simple, repetitive processes like sending out appointment reminders, providing order status and tracking updates, and making requests for insurance updates.

“For insurance updates, you can generate a push notification that prompts the patient to take a picture of their card and send it via secure messaging,” Rogers said.

The app also allows patients to message their providers with questions related to five topic areas: billing, scheduling, orders, clinical and other. 

“The communication goes both ways,” Rogers said.

Down the road, Brightree plans to expand Patient Hub's capabilities to include video, so a provider and patient can communicate “in person” instead of over the phone to discuss, for example, the fit of a CPAP mask.

“We believe this tool provides enough value to the provider and patient, that it's something we will continue to build on,” Rogers said.


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