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Broda is camera ready

Broda is camera ready

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. - Broda has revamped its sales process to meet the demands of a COVID-19 world.

The company, whose dealer network spans nearly 500 HME dealers in North America, has built out a “webinar room” in its office to facilitate video communication, educational webinars and remote support for wheelchair assessment or fitting.

“I think this will change permanently how we do things,” said Nick Hoffmeyer, vice president of marketing. “It's been something of a revelation.”

Broda has also equipped its sales reps with kits that include webcams, backdrops and lights to maintain communication with dealers that aren't accepting non-essential visitors.

As a result of the revamped sales process, the company has seen an increase in the number of dealers it has been able to reach, especially in rural areas.

“Most of our success has been in metropolitan areas, but now we're seeing most of our success in rural areas,” said Dave Deroin, vice president of sales.

Now several months into the pandemic, with some states loosening restrictions, Broda's sales reps have also hit the road in a limited capacity.

“We're signing up dealers that we weren't focused on before,” Deroin said. “We've realized we haven't been giving them the support they deserve.”

Additionally, Hoffmeyer and Deroin feel like Broda's product line is resonating with dealers in a new way during the pandemic. Its products, they say, are self-propelling, minimizing contact; are easy to clean, minimizing patient risk; and accommodate out-of-the-box configurations, minimizing provider handling.

“I think our chairs have been really helpful in long-term settings, where our seniors are regulated to their rooms - even their meals are delivered to their rooms,” Deroin said. “We have the Tranquille Glider that promotes skin integrity. We've also partnered with Matrix Seating on anti-microbial covers for our rehab-style chairs.”


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