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A Capitol Crime

A Capitol Crime

"Getting the lead on the target"

"I'd rather have two bullets than one"

Dadnapped rip Miracle hd No, this is not a meeting of the NRA. It's a couple of quotes from the AAHomecare Legislative Conference.

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There were a few other "gun" quotes, today. What they mean is that the industry is locked and loaded, or, as I have heard Jim Greatorex say in a recent conversation, loaded for bear. The industry, it seems, is not fooling around.

Which is a good thing. If there is one message offered by many speakers today it is that we don't have much time. The health care reform train has already left the station and providers need to be on board, and focused, if they want to be heard.

Christmas in Wonderland divx An example of that is taking a good hard look at your lawmakers. John Gallagher told us today that it's important to talk to all of them, but pointed out that some are far more powerful than others.

Case in point: Sen. Pat Roberts from Kansas is a high-ranking lawmaker who has been a friend to the industry. No providers will be calling on his office tomorrow, because there are no Kansans here at this event.

I'm not picking on Kansas, there are many states woefully underrepresented here this week. The good news is that there are more than 250 providers here ready to take the industry's message to Capitol Hill. Many started today, in fact.

That bad news is that 250 is considered an excellent number for an HME event. Your livelihoods are on the line, folks. What are you going to do about it?

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