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Caregiver's corner

Caregiver's corner Provider's e-book helps caregivers discover equipment

EL PASO, Texas - After Dora Williams' grandfather had a stroke, she and her family struggled to provide home care and they felt they had no one to turn to. That's what motivated Williams, president of BEK Medical, to write an e-book called “Finding Independence at Any Age: A Caregiver's Guide to Independent Living and an Introduction to Home Medical Equipment.” Her goal: to help others navigate the world of HME.

HME News: How did your experiences lead you into the HME business?

Dora Williams: My grandfather had a stroke. When we brought him home, nobody explained to us the items that were available and how we could care for him without hurting him or hurting ourselves. We didn't have a Hoyer lift. We didn't have a hospital bed. We felt alone. That's how this company started. I wanted to empower people to know they're not alone and help them walk through the path of caring for a loved one.

HME: How do caregivers use your e-book?

Williams: We talk about different situations and provide links. For example, if someone can't get out of bed on their own, a Hoyer lift will help. So when they read the book on the computer, they click on the link and it'll show them the equipment that will help them.

HME: How does publishing this book help BEK Medical?

Williams: More than to sell, we want to be a resource. In the book, we share stories. We have blogs on our website where we share stories about our patients. We also do a caregivers' meeting in our store every two months. We bring in therapists and people from state agencies to talk with caregivers.

HME: Can we expect more books?

Williams: It's going to be one of a series called Caregivers' Corner. We're thinking one every six months.


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