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CBD: Follow a clear line

CBD: Follow a clear line Q. What are the proper dosage guidelines for CBD?

A. The rising number of consumers beginning a CBD/hemp regimen is paired with questions regarding dosage and frequency. There are a number of variables and compliance considerations that leave a narrow path for providing information and guidance when addressing these questions. Suppliers need to follow a clear line when discussing dosage to provide the needed assistance.

Studies conducted have concluded that there is a vast amount of additional research needed before specific doses can be defined. Consumers are advised to begin with low doses and titrate until reaching desired results. It is important to slowly introduce cannabinoids to the body's endocannabinoid system. CBD/hemp products are safe in high milligram doses, as shown in studies in which physicians explore the potential of CBD for relief in a number of different contexts.

Specific dosing recommendations (i.e. “take 25 mg to help you sleep”) fall outside of the acceptable messaging when discussing dosage/titration. The FDA does not allow suggesting specific doses and will continue to do so until it oversees a clinical trial.

Full spectrum hemp oil is the most common type of formulation that regular CBD/hemp consumers use, considering the wide profile of cannabinoids and the accompanying “Entourage Effect” (in which the cannabinoids act in synergy to magnify the effects). While this formulation offers the widest profile, studies will also need to be conducted into specific cannabinoid combinations when defining dosage.

Consumers look to their CBD/hemp provider as a resource and dosage questions are the most common. Suggesting a titration period is the most appropriate guidance when addressing these questions from patients. It safe to suggest beginning with a low dose and increasing to find an amount that provides the desired effects.



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