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Competitive bidding: Provider takes the gloves off

Competitive bidding: Provider takes the gloves off

Last year, when provider Edward Eubanks was grappling with national competitive bidding, he didn't share his pain with his patients. This year, it's a different story.

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Eubanks, whose company, Charlotte Respiratory Solutions, is in a bid area, doesn't mean his patients ill will. He just wants them to know what's coming—basically, a program that will make them "second-class citizens." If that concerns them, and he thinks it will, he wants them to share those concerns with their representatives and senators.

Eubanks is also presenting lawmakers with this ultimatum: Sign on to H.R. 3790, a bill to repeal competitive bidding, and we'll let your constituents know you're protecting them; don't sign on and we'll let them know you're not. Eubanks and other providers in the state are working with member services organizations like The VGM Group and NAIMES to develop an advertising campaign that details who is and isn't supporting the bill.

"We've let our representatives and senators know that we're not going to sit idly by this time," Eubanks said. "We're going to unleash a firestorm."

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