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CPAP survey reveals benefits

CPAP survey reveals benefits

BOSTON - A new National Sleep Therapy (NST) poll found that CPAP users saw mental and physical improvements after getting a good night's sleep.

More than 120 CPAP users took the survey created by NST President, Eric Cohen, which asked respondents to check off all the benefits they received from CPAP therapy. Of those who responded: 48% reported being able to stay awake more during the day; 40% said they drive and/or focus on tasks better; 28% have a better attitude; and 3% reported having a better love life.

In the comments section, one CPAP user encouraged others to continue therapy, saying, “It took me quite awhile to completely get used to wearing it, but now I wouldn't want to miss it because of my improved quality of life.”

Several respondents also reported a decrease in migraines and daytime naps. Others said they no longer snored and slept through the night.


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