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Dario wants to 'simplify diabetes'

Dario wants to 'simplify diabetes'

As people become more enmeshed with their mobile devices, there's a growing opportunity to use smartphone technology to help patients better manage their health conditions. 

With that in mind, DarioHealth Corp. has created an all-in-one blood glucose meter that allows patients to test their glucose levels and log real-time measurements seamlesslyusing a mobile app.

The result, DarioHealth officials say, is a more engaged patient who also can keep others updated on their health status by sharing their results with health professionals or loved ones.

“People are seeking more manageable solutions for their diabetes,” said Shmuel Herschberg, marketing director for DarioHealth, a global digital health company. “You can get a full 30,000-foot view of what's happening with a person's diabetes, whether they're managing it on a day to day basis. It really can simplify diabetes.”

The Dario Smart Meter consists of a plug-in dongle that connects a small lancing device and testing strips to a user's smartphone. Blood glucose levels are uploaded and stored along with the user's past diabetes data. Herschberg said there's also an emergency hypoglycemia alert feature that sends an alert with GPS coordinates to selected people if a patient's blood sugar falls too low.

 The Smart Meter has been available in the U.S. for about 1.5 years and has been aimed at consumers seeking an accurate blood glucose meter with a low price point and no commitment plans for test strips. More recently, the company has partnered with providers Byram Healthcare and CCS Medical to reach third-party patients with diabetes who want their products covered by insurance.

Having real-time access to glucose readings enhances CCS Medical's existing LivingConnected program, an online diabetes management program, said Sean Browne, chief revenue officer for CCS Medical.

“When a patient tests, we get that information. When you're catching someone trending low or extremely low, you're able to ward off a trip to the hospital,” Browne said.

“We've got a bolus of companies that we are working with that want CCS Medical to manage their diabetes population. To best manage, we need to know where they are. This lets us help.”


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