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Deen endorsement leaves bad taste

Deen endorsement leaves bad taste

I think what gets me about this whole "Paula Deen has Type 2 diabetes" news is that, a few short months ago, fellow TV chef Anthony Bourdain criticized Deen's cooking for being so unhealthy. "She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she's proud of the fact that her food is f---ing bad for you." As I recall he was shot down by Deen and her loyal followers.

Turns out, at the time, and indeed, for the past three years, Deen has continued to serve up high fat (really, really high fat) recipes, all the while knowing she had Type 2 diabetes. Now, it's her right to keep her private life to herself, but suddenly stepping into the limelight as a paid spokesperson for a diabetes drug? And saying she needed to wait till she had something to offer? Give me a break.

Paula Deen is not only an example of what NOT to do in "lifestyle" choices (she's already started beating that euphemism to death), she's an example of one of the problems with American health care. Why treat the cause when you can take a drug, instead?

I had the misfortune of catching a few minutes of her saccharine show once, before I cancelled cable. I gotta say, anyone can fry something or roll it in butter and sugar. It takes true skill to be able to create flavorful foods using natural ingredients.

I had to look up a few of her "southern" recipes, just for fun, although I find it hard to believe most southerners of generations past would recognize this stuff. Needless to say, calorie counts aren't provided.

Fried butter balls
Deep fried lasagna/Deep fried cheesecake/Deep fried stuffing on a stick
Brown sugar bacon
Twinkie pie/Krispy Kreme bread pudding

Just reading this list makes my blood sugar go higher.

Theresa Flaherty
Type 1, 12.5 years


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